Your Boychild Archetype

Your Boychild archetype is the action principle inside of you that drives everything you do. With the Loved boychild, you perform at your best and with Unloved Boychild, you behave at your worst. When your Boychild is loving, he is like a knight in shining armor—glamorous, courageous, fighting for righteous causes. He helps you to excel in life, to accomplish great things and to fulfill your dreams. He likes to get things done right with enthusiasm and verve. He is also a leader, a shepherd who inspires others to follow in his tracks. He has dynamic, charismatic energy, he likes to figure out how things work, and his charm and sense of humor make him attractive to others.

Unloved Boychild, on the other hand, is an egotistical rebel who is reckless, angry, aggressive and over-competitive. He disrespects authority and will deceive, lie, cheat, backbite and steal to dominate others and achieve his goals. He sees life as a giant video game and he does not care about who he has to hurt to win.

The following questions can help you assess the Loved Boychild’s presence in your life:

Do I enjoy finding out how things work?
Do I work at something until I am good at it?
Do I explore the unknown?
Am I adventurous?
Do I like playing games or sports?
Do I marvel at other people’s competencies?
Do I like to make people laugh?
Do I stand up for my rights and other people’s rights?
Am I self-confident most of the time?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, your Loved Boychild is probably quite active. If not, the following affirmations can help you anchor the presence of the Loved Boychild:

I AM my Loved Boychild.
I AM courage and fearlessness.
I AM the overcomer.
I AM a conquering hero.
I AM the mastery of life.
I AM the defender of righteousness, justice and peace.
I and my Father are one.
I AM the will of my Father made manifest.


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