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Is your spouse, your teenager or your boss pushing your buttons? It doesn't have to be that way. You can become the master of your love relationships, work relationships, and family relationships. You can bring out the best in others as well as in yourself, and enjoy healthy relationships. Whether you are looking for marriage counseling or relationship counseling, parenting advice, anger management, or spiritual healing, you've come to the right place.

Caroline, Brian and Therese can help you navigate the ups and downs of life, and also better understand your archetypal pattern.

More about Caroline

Caroline has served as a psychologist for more than four decades shepherding people through their life challenges. She has extensive counseling, teaching, management and human resource experience. She runs a counseling practice in Calgary, Canada, and is a member of the College of Alberta Psychologists.

“Through her warm, loving care and wisdom, Caroline empowered me to realize my potential to find balance and peace during trying times. She helped me overcome deep wounds by understanding their root causes, and rebuild the core of my being.
–Julie Galienne, Ottawa, Canada.

“My work with Caroline Hanstke has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I can honestly say that working with this master teacher has saved my life and given me an opportunity to be truly happy. I call Caroline the champion of my soul. Her enlightened approach to healing our psyche by understanding our loving and unloving archetypes has been a source of inner peace and healing.”
– Lucy Crown, Montreal, Canada

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More about Brian

Like the “medical intuitive” who can tune into a person’s body and detect the hidden cause of illnesses, Brian has an incredible way of intuively accessing a person's core issues and providing a spiritual and psychological "cure." This intuitive ability originated from Brian's near death expereince as a child, and two subsequent OBEs. Brian has helped hundreds of people for more than two decades, and combines his insights with an extensive focus on the practical application of Eastern and Western spiritual principles.

“Brian is a sage, universally wise, full of unconditional love; a man with integrity, hope and answers.He has answers to the toughest psychological questions.”
–Elizabeth Hoyt, Lakewood, CO

“The sessions I experienced with Brian Grey had an extraordinarily profound impact on my ability to set my inner world in order.
– Marius Michael George, Los Angeles, CA

“Brian Emmanuel Grey’s intuitive insight and accurate assessment of each stumbling block of my past and current psychological patterns has changed my life forever in a relatively short time frame. People frequently comment that I am not the same person I was.”
–Darci Stewart, Bozeman, MT

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More about Therese

herese has been working alongside Brian and Caroline in the teaching of the inner family archetype model. Therese helps people assess their archetypal pattern and apply the Inner Family Archetype Model to their life circumstances. She shares life-changing concepts that worked in her life first to help guide people on their journey toward psychological wholeness and spiritual fulfillment.

“Therese’s own journey to wholeness gave her the perspective to fully appreciate the benefits of working with these archetypes. She shares with exceptional clarity profound insights and can find just the right way to express what is sometimes beyond words.”
–Antonia Johnson, Emigrant MT

“Therese, thank you so much for being and for offering these teachings. I can't believe my good luck to have found you!”
–Cali Letts, Salt Lake City UT

“My grateful heart feels wide open. Thank you Therese and Brian! This adventure, healing, expanding and learning is the bread and honey of Life itself. It is lifting me out of a very dark time with its promise of unfoldment.”
–Cindy Elliott, Billings MT

To schedule a consultation with Therese, call 406-333-4331.


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