Your Father Archetype

No matter how the Father figure you grew up with behaved, there is a Loving Father inside of you that will help you draw boundaries and bring order, protection and direction to your life. Your Loving Father archetype helps you to be authentic in your interactions with others. He helps you to be reliable and true to your word. He helps you to be firm, emphatic and fair.

Accessing your Loving Father’s protection, direction and discipline can be challenging because there is also an Unloving Father archetype within you that is your inner critic. Your Unloving Father energy criticizes your every move. He is a tyrant who misuses his power. He controls by condemning. He is ruthless, rigid, intimidating, shaming, scornful, cynical, inconsistent, unreliable and arbitrary.

The following questions can help you assess the Loving Father’s presence in your life:

Do I set loving and firm boundaries for myself?
Do I appropriately protect myself and others?
Do I set my own standards of behavior?
Do I keep my word and promises?
Do I tell myself when I have done a good job?
Do I tell myself I will learn from my mistakes?
Am I fair?
Am I proactive?
Am I powerful, strong, firm and focused?
Do I honor the law of cause and effect?
Do I see discipline as a protection, rather than a punishment?
Do I function efficiently and productively?
Do I finish what I start?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, your Loving Father is active in your life. If you could not answer “yes,” use the tools below to expand his presence in your life and overcome Unloving Father momentums. The following affirmations can also help you anchor the presence of the Loving Father:

I AM my Loving Father.
I AM protecting and directing my life.
I AM disciplining myself.
I AM setting loving boundaries for myself and others.
I AM in charge of my destiny.
I AM not moved by circumstances and by other people.
I AM inner strength.
I AM honoring Mother.
I AM protecting and directing my Girlchild and my Boychild.


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