Your Girlchild Archetype

Your Loved Girlchild brings finesse, inspiration magic and resolution into your life. She touches you deeply and makes life special. She is extraordinarily complex, multidimensional, ineffable and mysterious. She can understood through the concepts of beauty, sweetness, forgiveness, gentleness, innocence, goodwill, holiness, sensitivity, diplomacy, intuition, compassion and harmlessness. The Loved Girlchild is your muse, the source of your creative power. She allows you to engage sensitively in life, to hear with your inner voice and to connect with the essence of things.

Unloved Girlchild, on the other hand, is the wounded victim who cannot get over her real or perceived injury and is paralyzed by fear. She drowns in self-pity, discouragement and resentment. Manipulative, she seduces others into rescuing her, like a melodramatic soap opera queen.

The following questions can help you assess the Loved Girlchild’s presence in your life:

Am I very sensitive?
Do I care for people and avoid hurting anyone?
Do I try to comfort anyone or anything in pain?
Do I like to finish things with finesse?
Do I get so engaged in something that I will forget the time?
Do I believe in things I do not see?
Do I “just know” or intuit things?
Do I feel a strong sense of self-worth?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, your Loved Girlchild is probably quite active. If not, the following affirmations can help you anchor the presence of the Loved Girlchild:

I AM my Loved Girlchild.
I AM my brother’s keeper.
I AM the spirit of hope, faith and charity.
I AM joy and happiness today.
I AM inspired by the universe.
I AM perfect forgiveness.
I AM beautiful and real.
I AM awareness of all aspects of life.
I AM selfless service.
I AM freedom from fear, over-concern and human limitation.
I AM seeking to save the seemingly unsavable.
I AM comforting life.
I AM caring.
I AM ending everything with beauty.

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