Your Mother Archetype

Regardless of what mothering you experienced in childhood, your inner Loving Mother brings warmth and nurturance to encourage you on your way. Your Loving Mother archetype draws out the best in you and helps you to succeed. She teaches, guides, explains and gives you unconditional love. She provides the intimacy that exists between a mother and her child and she helps you to be intimate with others. In every situation, she provides the healing unguent of wisdom and unconditional love that soothes all distress.

The presence of Unloving Mother within you is the extreme opposite. With Unloving Mother, you experience an abandoning and aloof energy towards yourself and towards others. You may also compensate with a self-indulgent and indulging spoiling mechanism (smother-mother.) When this happens, you encourage yourself and the people around you to pursue the "mommy" things of life inordinately—like food, sex, drugs, money and shopping—to fill the inner void that comes from the lack of true Loving Mother nurturance within.

The following questions can help you assess the Loving Mother’s presence in your life:

Am I warm and personal?
Am I nurturing and caring?
Do I encourage and support myself and others?
Do I give counsel to others when they need it?
Can I love people no matter what mistakes they make?
Am I available when I am needed?
Do I recognize gifts and talents, be they mine or others?
Do I help myself and others deal with pain?
Do I respect independence for myself and my loved ones?
Do I nurture those who are ailing?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, your Loving Mother is very present in your life. If not, these affirmations can help you to expand her presence in your life.

I AM my Loving Mother.
I AM teaching, guiding and explaining the “who, what, when, where and why” of life.
I AM fulfilling all of my needs.
I AM the tenderness, the nearness and the love of God.
I AM understanding and teaching the law.
I AM nurturing myself and others.
I AM loving myself and others unconditionally.
I AM holding the highest vision for myself and others.
I AM abundance and health in my life.
I AM manifesting the wisdom of the universe.
I AM honoring Father.
I AM nurturing my Boychild and my Girlchild.


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