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The Inner Family Archetypes: Building Loving Relationships Through Divine Self Awareness is an expanded revision of our original book, Why We Do What We Do: Four Pathways to Your Authentic Self. Includes an in-depth analysis of the eight archetypal personalities, and a profound new teaching on how to be free of the lesser self and connect to our inner divinity.

This is a fascinating and powerful book. It will challenge the way you think about self and family, while providing deep insights and new ways to explore your own energy, psychology and spirit.
JONATHAN ELLERBY PhD, author of Return to the Sacred and Inspiration Deficit Disorder

Deep gifts are available to all who read this remarkable gem, The Inner Family Archetypes. The insights the authors provide will put the magic and illumination of your infinite intelligence squarely into your own hands. Caroline, Brian and Therese have done their homework and fieldwork. They’ve clinically demonstrated the efficacy of the models they offer, and I can personally attest to the immediate benefit of this groundbreaking information. If you are ready to watch entrenched negative beliefs fade and if you are ready to call upon the brilliance of your highest potential, this book contains the guidance you need.
PAUL R. SCHEELE, Chairman, Natural Brilliance Productions, Founding Partner, Learning Strategies Corporation Author of PhotoReading, Natural Brilliance, and Drop Into Genius

A wonderfully integrated way of learning about the dynamics of our own personality and our relationships with others. These simple yet deep concepts have the power to lead us to the core of who we really are so we can give our most precious gifts to others.
PATRICIA SPADARO, author of Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving

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The Psychology of Success: Awakening to Your Highest Potential is a handy guide to help you reintegrate the Loving Father into every area of our life.
It will help you conquer the not-self, transcend negative subconscious coping mechanisms and donwload the solutions that come from the superconscious.

An understanding of the inner family archetypes is one of the most practical tools you can have. If you want to transcend human relationships and make responsible personal progress on the path leading to self-mastery, choose now to begin using this book to effect desired change in your life.
ALBERTA FREDRICKSEN, author of Resume of a Disciple: Stepping Up Spiritually

A wise tool for self-understanding. This book identifies our unique ‘Inner Family Archetypes' and shows how to skillfully work with these energies to yield deep awareness and wisdom about ourselves and how we relate to others.
JAN ANGEL, co-author of Buddhist Astrology: Chart Interpretation from a Buddhist Perspective


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From Paris’ Sacred Heart to the Washington Monument, from Brazil’s Iguazu Falls to the Yellowstone River, and from the Andes Mountains to the Canadian Rockies, come fascinating stories as Therese searches for God and finds answers to timeless questions. Follow the adventure as Therese embraces South American mystics and Sufi sages, as she delves into Native American rituals, and encounters Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Witness the life and death moments, and experience the miracles.

• Explore the truth that transcends all religions.
• Build a relationship with angels and divine beings.
• Understand what happens before you are born, when you go to sleep and
after you die.
• Step into the naturalness of the spiritual path that leads to a most extraordinary love

Truly an inspirational read! It encourages each of us to review our own lives so that we may also witness to the many small and great blessings we have received, as well as to recognize and grow from the hidden lessons of our most difficult trials. I highly recommend this book for everyone on the spiritual path, and particularly for anyone who wonders whether it is possible to have an intimate and personal relationship with God.
Nancy Showalter, co-founder, Self-Awareness Fellowship

These are wonderful stories of someone who loves God and has put that love into practice.
Dorothy Lee Fulton, Messenger of Music, author, Here I AM


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A breathtaking “poem book” written by Therese Emmanuel Grey with original paintings by Marius Michael George. This story for the young at heart features the legend of Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, who comes to save the Earth with the 144,000.

At the top of the island
The main temple was raised
Where Sanat Kumara’s
Blessed feet one day would graze.

The task was completed
The altars were groomed
With delicate flowers
Picked from most fragrant blooms.

A sacred space was created
Where brotherhood shone
The builders called it Shamballa
To remind them of home




Review of Why We Do What We Do by New Age Retailer,
Reviewed in National Review Network by Alice Boscoe, New Year 2005

Why We Do What We Do presents a program for developing self-knowledge and enacting personal transformation. The book was created by a formidable team: Caroline Hanstke, a psychologist with more than 35 years of experience; Brian Emmanuel Grey, an intuitive whose specializes in transformative psychology and eastern and western spiritual principles; and Thérèse Emmanuel Grey, a journalist who has written about personal growth for more than a decade. The three teach self-transcendence in the United States and Canada.

The trio present core archetypes – father, mother, girlchild, and boychild – that by themselves or in combination illumine periods of our lives and our general way of thinking, emoting, and being. Readers are guided through steps to deepen self-knowledge, to identify patterns of behavior and resulting strengths and weaknesses, and to claim power in their lives.

Four principles for ensuring one’s authenticity also are presented. With this workbook, the authors have created a valuable tool for self-understanding and improving relationships. Tables illustrate the various archetypal combinations and relationships.

Featuring a gentle, soft-hued cover, the book will appeal to readers of all ages and interests. I will recommend my customers use Why We Do What We Do in spiritual study groups and at retreats.

Now available as an e-book for $10. Link emailed upon receipt.


Full Spanish translation of the book Why We Do What We Do: Four Pathways to Your Authentic Self

Available as an e-book download for $10. Link emailed upon receipt.



An introductory illustrated booklet in Spanish on the inner family archetypes. Available in hard copy. $12 including shipping.

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This breakthrough book presents twelve recollections from the etheric retreats in the heaven-world, where masters and angels tutor souls of light. It covers everything we need to know about the years leading up to—and following—the global spiritual shift that will take place on December 21, 2012.

This shift was seen by Brian Emmanuel Grey as a giant wave of light called 6-4-2, that will sweep over the planet. This wave of light will pass over Earth as it aligns with our sun and with the star Sirius—the Great Central Sun of our Milky Way galaxy. Whether the shift is entirely spiritual or carries with it cataclysmic side effects depends upon the spiritual balance that we hold, individually and collectively.

The book presents an extraordinary new and detailed teaching about:
• The fall of the angels and the redemption of Earth
• Shifting our planetary consciousness by clearing the mental grid
• Transmuting negative karma before it precipitates as cataclysm
• The astrology for a revolution in higher consciousness
• A 2012 timeline for cycles of purification
• The path of personal Christhood and the soul’s ascension in the light

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A Spiritual Seeker's Ultimate Guide to the Holy Spirit: Thirty three spirals weave spiritual and psychological teachings to bring you into a closer walk with God.

This book is a document for the next two thousand years. It lays the foundation for a relationship with the Holy Spirit in the Age of Aquarius, which is the Age of the Holy Spirit. Caroline has brought forth a true communion of her soul, which by God’s grace, she shares with your soul, so your soul can also come into that same communion, master her cosmic cycles and ascend.
–Brian Emmanuel Grey

This book is not mere reading. It is a series of spiritual initiations. Spiral upon spiral, Caroline weaves a masterful tapestry that provides the foundations of the spiritual path, and then takes the reader into new heights of spiritual self-awareness, oneness with Father-Mother God and world service. This book is a crystalline gem that leads you into the Holy of Holies of your being, where you will commune with angels, archangels, saints, masters and your own higher self, and then experience the fiery, purging, love and the freeing winds of the Holy Spirit.
–Therese Emmanuel Grey

This remarkable book leads you through a process of inner change that will restore your relationship with God. The Holy Spirit does his work by preparing and recreating us to be the Christ now through a very personal relationship, making us what we shall be but are not yet. The Spirit will live in you throughout this journey!
– Alberta Fredricksen

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You are a divine being and the threefold flame of God's love, wisdom and power blazes in your heart. You can balance, expand and intensify this divine flame to experience new levels of spiritual self-mastery, mental clarity, emotional balance and physical healing.

The mystical teachings presented in this book offer a deeper understanding of the four lower bodies, the divine energy currents and chakras running up the spine, and the spiritual centers within the brain. They also reveal how to work with heavenly beings in a tangible way to bring about profound transformational shifts for your life and for the collective consciousness.

Overcome the psychological mindset of the fallen angels in your daily interactions with others.
Develop a relationship with a sponsoring master who will help you ascend in this life.
Align the twelve starry focal points within your auric field to maximize your spiritual potential.
Meditate on the Great Pyramid of Self to usher in the Christic and Buddhic consciousness that connects you with the heaven world.
Become an anchoring point for the New Jerusalem descending in your physical temple as the City Foursquare.

Brian Emmanuel Grey is a spiritual intuitive who had a near death-experience as a baby and is able to remember his ongoing contact with masters and angels in the heaven world. Psychologist Caroline Hanstke and Therese Emmanuel Grey have also developed the etheric contact that comes from oneness with their sponsoring master. Caroline, Brian and Therese share with you these golden age psychology teachings from the etheric retreats, and have applied them in spiritual workshops, and personal coaching and counseling sessions with thousands of individuals around the world.

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.


My Divine Heart Home Study Course

Delve into your divine heart by partaking in an extraordinary journey that will take you through your etheric, mental, emotional and physical body, and where you will balance, expand and intensify your threefold flame in each level of being.

Join Therese Emmanuel Grey as she guides you through these four planes of consciousness to experience an awareness of self that will lead you to "know yourself as God." This downloadable audio and video course includes powerful handouts and targeted spiritual exercises to help you experience new levels of self-mastery, mental clarity, emotional balance and physical healing.

Course includes four audio seminars, 16 handouts, a PDF of the book My Divine Heart: The Indwelling Flame and the Great Pyramid of Self, and a powerful healing ritual on video.


Special introductory offer of $149 for a limited time

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

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This book explores the mysteries of the soul and the path of the ascension. Timeless principles from the Kabbalah, from Eastern and Western mysticism, from the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and from the Golden Age Psychology weave a beautiful tapestry of light to help us understand who we are, where we have come from and where we are going.

The fundamental wisdom within these pages becomes a foundational cornerstone for the revolution in higher consciousness that is sweeping the planet. Each day, each step of the way, we usher in the New Jerusalem through our personal striving, our quantum entanglements and our spiritual oneness.

Discover an extraordinary teaching on how to transcend negative relationships and challenging circumstances by integrating the disparate fragments of your soul. This prepares the way for your soul's union with her Christ self, and for her ascension at the conclusion of this life.

Won’t you join Caroline, Brian and Therese then, on a journey that will change your life, your relationships and your soul trajectory forever, unto your victory in the Light of God that never fails.

resurrection does not wait, it will not wait. It can be yours today. And in the hour and the moment of those ascensions you will see that many will have been brought to the place together. And that mass conclave of light is therefore for the elevation of earth herself in order that all who remain in earth and in embodiment might receive the mandate to accelerate.
Jesus, Sept. 22, 1985 in a Pearl of Wisdom published by The Summit Lighthouse


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Approaching the realm of your personal divinity you enter the heart, where the divine presence abides. You bask in the light that illumines, blesses and transcends all of the world’s religions and philosphies. Now, become aware of God as four energy flows, four personalities, four pathways of divine expression. This awareness becomes a springboard for communing with your higher self in a most intimate, joyous and empowering way. Let the meditation, the transformation, the transubstantiation begin.
Allow the four faces of God to shine through you and embrace the majesty of your divine self.

This book will assist many a sincere devotee to anchor a greater sense of divine awareness, that Self is God. The weaving together of the four inner family archetypes—Father, Boychild, Mother and Girlchild, and their divine counterparts—is beautifully done. The familiar statements of Jesus shared in this book, as well as the less commonly held teachings about him, convey an increased sense of the master’s realness and personalness.
-Caroline Hanstke, Author of The Science of the Conversion of the Holy Spirit in the New Jerusalem






The Psychology of Evil and Our God Identity: If you really want to know what's going on...Discover Dialogues with the Devil, a book written by Taylor Caldwell in 1967 and most relevant to our time. Better than Star Wars...Taylor Caldwell, who could read the akashic records, describes a series of conversations between Archangel Michael and the fallen archangel Lucifer, on the creation of man, the nature of good and evil, and how evil is carried out to destroy earth and other planets, and to lead souls to perdition. The solution is also contained within these dialogues. Readings and commentary on video with Therese Emmanuel Grey, who breaks down the book into 9 dialogues.

This has really been thought-provoking and very deep, and so timely. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you have done this. This is some of the most incredible material that I have gone over in a LONG time.
-Mary Raymakers, Children of the Sun






We are excited to present this new home study course with more than 14 hours of edited audio that you can download online. Join Brian Caroline and Therese in the application of fundamental teachings that will strengthen your one-on-one connection with God as the fire within your heart, your causal body above, and your Tree of Life. Teachings include insights on overcoming psychological roadblocks to union with God, deep meditations and spiritual clearance work with the assistance of angels and heavenly masters.






Twelve audio classes with slides for healing, spiritual illumination and psychological resolution. Topics include teachings on the auric field, the divine spark, the not-self, the invisible world, spiritual protection, soul travel, science of manifestation, the divine plan, the inner family archetypes, the violet flame, the sponsoring master relationship and much more. Now available as a home study course

I am so grateful that I was led to your teachings. They have answered questions that have been lingering. You have presented the information in a manner that is very easily understood and you masterfully share it, which helped me to resonate with it. My blessing and prayers are with you as you expand your teachings! With great love and gratitude.
–Bob Novak,Valparaiso, IN



The violet flame is the original fountain of youth. Invoked in the ancient mystery schools and temples of Atlantis and Lemuria, it comes to the fore once again to assist mankind and overturn negative prophecies. The violet flame bestows a wide array of personal and planetary benefits. It dissolves the negative energy that is trapped within the atomic structure, so we can transmute spiritual and physical pollution, draw near to our higher self and be free to fulfill our life's purpose. Learn how to invoke the violet flame for personal and planetary change and experience the benefits! With the help of the violet flame, you can balance your karma, make the most of your life and ascend back to God.
     This is a beautiful and very unique inspirational book. It shows us how we can draw upon our innate divine potential to transform our lives and heal the world. Profound teachings on the miracle violet flame, the ascended master Saint Germain and the science of mantra makes this the perfect handbook for the Age of Aquarius. Highly recommended!"
-Marius Michael George, visionary artist